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Patient Resources


New Patients

Prepare for your upcoming appointment by filling out a Self Reporting History Questionnaire. Download, print, fill out and bring with you to your appointment. Call (760) 416-4800 if you have any questions.

New Patient Orientation

Letter from Teresa Whipple, Executive Director

Patient Resources

The Comprehensive Cancer Center provides opportunities and resources for patients and their families to become more knowledgeable in managing their cancer experience. We offer educational programs on an ongoing basis so that patients can access them when the need arises.

Patient Resource Center

The Comprehensive Cancer Center has an on-site Patient Resource Center adjacent to the second floor reception/waiting area. It is a multimedia oncology library available to patients and their family members. There is a comprehensive assortment of books (both cancer-related and fictional), videos and audio tapes on cancer and other related topics. Assorted cancer newsletters, pamphlets and community support groups are identified to help make it easier for our patients to access information. There also are two on-line computers with Internet access. A staff member or volunteer can assist with Internet searches.

Healthy Living

The Comprehensive Cancer Center offers a variety of educational materials for cancer patients and families. Click here to browse articles.

Cancer Care Links

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